A Chef in the Making

My interest in food goes back as far as I can remember. 


When I was a young adult, I left the rural Midwest and moved to New York. I got a job as a waitress (or what we now call a 'server') in a pancake house. Eventually I worked in a diner, a steakhouse, and as I gained more experience between my restaurant gigs in New York and Boston, I moved up to the pristine eateries of private golf clubs and exclusive restaurants as a full-time server and hostess. Through all this, the one common thread I noticed in every restaurant is that the people who prepare the meals (and this does not exclude the line cooks at the simplest of dives) shared my passion for food as a fine art.

Every restaurant has busy times and slow times, and when it got slow, I could be found in the kitchen talking with the chefs. I asked questions - lots of them. I showed an interest in what they had to say and I shared their passion for the beautiful blessing of good food.


Eventually I was allowed behind the line to learn what these culinary geniuses were willing to teach me, and though I have never set foot in a cooking class, I feel as though I got something better; real experience with real chefs in the real world.


I can never thank them enough.

The fact is that we all need food.


I also know that not every one of us likes to prepare it.


My hope is to see preparing good food become fun for everyone, so my recipes include everything from simple comfort foods to easy gourmet recipes, and slow cooked favorites to fast and easy dinners (and don't you just love those make-ahead meals? I know I do! I may be a chef at heart, but the truth is that there are nights when I just don't feel like cooking. Grabbing something out of the freezer that is already prepared is a beautiful thing!)


I believe that everyone has a chef within them. When cooking becomes more fun than necessary, then that chef will come out.


So... put on some tunes, grab your favorite beverage, and fire up your kitchen. 


Oh, and don't forget to relax!

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